Help for your Garden


Simple Ant Control Recipes
from David Johanssen

David cautions: Fire ants are very damaging to crops as well as being a persistent nuisance to people and animals. 

Here are his recipes: 
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon dish soap (David prefers 'Basic H' soap)
1 gallon water
(2 ounces Citrus Power cleaner can be added for stubborn ants)       

pour sugar into a gallon container, add water and stir well, then add the dish soap and mix in gently
pour the mixture on ant mounds

Other recipes he shared:  Grind uncooked rice into a fine powder and sprinkle where ants are a nuisance.  Rice grains can be ground in a coffee grinder.

Chalk powder can be used around the home to divert ants.  Create lines with chalk sticks around areas where ants are a problem

Easy to Make and Use All Purpose Fertilizers
recommended by David Johanssen

1 cup epsom salts (sold in large sizes at Farmers Trading Center in Spanish Lookout)
to 1 gallon water. 

Magnesium sulphate is another recommended fertilizer.  Follow instructions on package.
Liquid sulfur is useful if farm soil is deficient in sulfur. (sold by Thiessen, Reimers and Crossroads in Spanish Lookout).