André Leu, International Director of Regeneration International

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André Leu was named international director of Regeneration International in 2017. Previously he was president of IFOAM—Organics International, the international umbrella organization for the organic sector.

During 40-plus years of visiting and working in more than 100 countries, Leu acquired an extensive knowledge of farming and environmental systems across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia.

Leu was instrumental in bringing the Regeneration International/Regeneration Belize to Belize in 2017 where he was a keynote presenter. He is an international lecturer who has spoken at the United Nations and at conferences, seminars, universities and workshops. He advises  governments, industry, farmers, consumers and NGOs on the multi-functional benefits of regenerative organic agriculture.

He is the author of “Poisoning our Children” and the “Myths of Safe Pesticides.” He has contributed articles to magazines, newspapers, journals, conference proceedings, newsletters and websites.

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